A Day in London


So I spent today around London with my mum, we had an early start and plenty of time to sleep on the coach but overall a good day.

We got dropped off near the river Thames. We then took the tube to King’s Cross and made our way platforms 9,10 and 11 were we joined the queue for a picture opportunity with the one and only Hogwarts gateway to platform 9 3/4 and trolley. I wore a lovely Gryffindor scarf and did a badass jump.

Before taking a visit around the Harry Potter shop which is amazing!!


We spent most of our time on tubes but some how managed to loose my ticket in the late afternoon.

We then took a trip across to the Tower of London where I plan to have my brother put where I become Queen of the World.

We also bumped into the invisible as we couldn’t see him…

We also took a nice walk to the Tower Bridge where my mum took the opportunity to pose for me.

Not realising how far the Tower of London is from the London Eye we started to walk back down the waters edge nearly missing the water itself.

In the end we gave up walking after walking about a mile, before going to find the nearest Tube station which was Cannon Street. When we finally made it back to the where the London Eye is visible before crossing over to South Bank. We were happily surprised to find this familiar looking upside animal…

We got to experience some of it before heading along South Bank closer to the London eye where we were surrounded by street performers. Mr Bean.

We made our way back across London Bridge through the crowds while the sun was high in the sky which allowed for perfect pictures of Big Ben and the London Eye.

We then got back on the coach and drove past West Minster Abbey before returning to our hotel after a busy day.

I do love London.


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