Harry Potter Studio Tour


Now I don’t want to ruin Harry Potter Studio Tour for anyone so if you haven’t been and are going soon read this after you’ve been, if not read ahead.

We had time to go and have pictures of and with the chess pieces from the original film and set.

We got there nice and early and went for a look around the gift shop making a few purchases which will be included in a haul soon over on my YouTube channel.

Even though we were early we only just managed to get into the queue just before our tour time. We joined the queue in front of some irish people who had a little boy who was extremely excited and was running around tickling everyone.

As we were stood in the queue waiting to go in we passed the cupboard under the stairs.

We then went into a room where there were all of the posters from the films across the years. 

We then went into the great hall were I filmed most of it resulting in little amount of photo’s including the teacher’s table and the house points system.

We then continued to go around the tour answering the questions in our passports and finding the golden snitches all the way round.

This was honestly the most breath-taking sight ever, the way you just walk around the corner and there it was. I was just stood for a few seconds to catch my breath and wow…it gave me a little tear in my eye and also was the perfect way to the end the tour.

I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse of the Harry Potter Studio Tour that I have included here.


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