I Hate Goodbyes

As Charlie Brown always said

‘Saying goodbye hurts my throat.’

I always feel like I’m saying goodbye to someone. But I hate goodbyes…

When I was growing up I watched Peter Pan many many times and therefore this quote stuck with me.

And no matter how much I try, I still can’t say goodbye…it’s always ‘See ya in a bit.’ ‘Alright’, ‘Talk to you soon’ or ‘Love you’ never bye. (Edit: I now say, love ya bye – I’m apparently getting better)

I’ve had to say a lot of ‘Goodbyes’ recently because I’m moving onto the next chapter of my life, but I’ve not said it. People will probably argue that I have, but the words ‘Goodbye’ or ‘Bye’ have not left my lips in years, 19 to be specific. There’s something too final about it.

I literally love this quote from Peter Pan and I think it’s perfect for some of the reason I don’t like saying goodbye. I can’t deal with the accepting it could be goodbye for forever. The chance that goodbye could mean forgetting about things and people, and the people I’ve still got in my life are the people I want to stay there! I’ve already got rid of the people I don’t want and only got the ones that I want to stay around!

 I can cope with ‘See ya in a bit’ because it’s promising, nothing is ending, nothing is stopping. It says of something happening, making plans.

There are theories about how people don’t say goodbye because they’re afraid of people leaving them. Surely that’s with other people saying goodbye to them, and I’m fine with that. Say goodbye as much as you like, just don’t make me say it.

I mean, even at the end of my blog I don’t say bye! I just sign off because then I know I’m returning!


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