February Playlist 2016


We have survived another month of christmas holiday blues, fitness plans and resolutions before we move onto a month of love fuelling our everyday. No this playlist is not full of love songs to play on your valentine’s date whether thats for you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Whichever member of your life you’re loving or whether you are going to be spending the night going all solo pizza, solo B&J’s or group session, this is a playlist for forgetting all about the second most important festive day of the year.

The playlist features again some of the artists that have been on my Discover Weekly for the last month or so and have been on repeat especially the amazing Benjy Davies.

John and myself have both being loving Benjy Davies and his albums.

Another one of the tracks featured on this is by a lovely guy called Jack. Jack is a fantastic artist who is from Hull and went to the same college as me. We were lucky enough to have him as the act at Sport’s Pres and he’s doing so well.

So  now settle down with a good book, a candle lit and a cup of tea and listen to the music!



Live Life, Love Life and Laugh Through It!



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