July Playlist 2016


It’s that time again. June has ended which means it’s less than 6 months till Christmas which is amazing right?!

White Crosses – Against Me!

I listened to this band after a recommendation from Northern Blood in Robowecop’s YouTube video and I’m honestly so grateful to them because I have discovered a new band that I will spend plenty of time listening to. There the type of band that still tell a story through their albums and I seriously recommend them, even just checking out the back story and stuff.

Forest – Fatherson

This album appeared on my Discover board over on Spotify and I was pleasantly surprised. They were the type of band I expected to be super acoustic and indie but I would certainly say they are more rock than that. I think this song stood out for me due to the start. There is nothing better than a big powerful start to a song especially with guitar blasting through it. The lyrics are also really catchy and I was singing along by the 2nd Chorus. 

Images – The Ransom Collective

To begin with, I expected this band to be very similar in Genre to the amazing Rend Collective, probably due to the similar nature of name but I was wrong. They have a very similar vibe being shared, a relaxed band sharing what they love. I love that you can hear the collection of different instruments that are being used throughout this song and think it really adds to the layers of the music. 

She’s Always A Woman – Jonny Boston.

I can’t help but love every version of this song. I’m not sure what it is but I literally relax whenever this song is played. I’m not entirely sure what the first version of this song that I heard was but it genuinely brings a smile to my face every time it is played and gives a fuzzy feeling at the same time.

Good Grief – Bastille

The start of this song reminds me immensely of Mika and Grace Kelly because of the spoken segment but that is the only way it does. I’ll forever have a love for Bastille and I think this song fits in with their voice they portray from the songs. To me it comes across as a very laid back song and I love the steady beat throughout the song. 

Where You Wanna Be – Charles William

I can’t help but bob along to this song. It has a good-feeling vibe throughout. I hope you know what I mean when I say that to me it’s a very tap along song. I can’t keep my hands or feet still whilst I’m listening to this song and I think this could be the beginning of a happy relationship with Charles William.

With You – Colorfire

This band half remind me of busted and owl city both rolled into one and I think I should have heard of the band like 3 million years ago. I think the slight electronic style is something I love, and it gives the song so much more depth than just leaving to be sang and produced normally but I love it! 

As you can tell, this month I completely love all of the songs!

Let me know what songs you’ve been loving this month and what I should have a listen too!


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