The Sunday Post #16


Another week has passed and another uni filled work filled busy week.

We’ve had rugby matches, that I’ve survived the full 80 minutes of, I tell it’s the curse of playing prop that I ended up getting injured, but I wasn’t playing Prop this time so I survived and despite the score line been not where we wanted it to be but for a team coming from the very start of the game with no idea how to scrum, and what to expect from the team we were playing but I have never been so proud of a group of girls to continue playing through a game like that. SO PROUD!

It was time for Christmas Costa Cups were released this week and that means I can go on a get on with Christmas films, Christmas music and basically Christmas life!

It was bonfire night! I LOVE Bonfire Night, it’s seriously like my 2nd favourite time of the year, 2nd only to Christmas. I’m not sure what it is about Bonfire Night but I love it. Bonfires, alcohol, friends and food make it fabulous like brilliant!

I’m basically spending today sat on my bed, watching Christmas films on Sky, doing washing and getting through my university work, which is how I feel I currently spend every day but hey ho!

On Tuesday I set up a Twitter giveaway so make sure you go over to my twitter and enter to win that!

On to another week full of training, matches, Christmas films, University life and probably food.


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