Watching and Reading #7


It’s been a couple of months since I’ve updated you all on what I’ve been watching and reading and all that jazz. I did original think about adding Podcast’s into here as well but I posted a whole separate post on that and you can read it here.
I certainly been watching a lot more stuff than I have been reading, unless you count journal articles for uni and I’m not so it’s been limited.

1. Luke Cage
If you’ve been here a while or you know me, you’ll know that I’m a big Marvel fan and love pretty much all of the films and I think it’s going to include all of the series as well. I wasn’t really aware of the back story of Luke or anything but it was all completely explained in the series which was brilliant. Yeah it was pretty full of swearing and blood and death but it still good. For a Netflix Series, they’ve really gone to town on it with some fantastic castings and general good ideas and putting it together. I was never expecting to enjoy it as much as I actually have and if the last episode didn’t set up for another series I really don’t know what does…

2.  Designated Survivor
This is something I’m surprised that I like. It was something that we decided to watch altogether one night and now I find myself watching it waiting for the next big thing or the next episode. I’m genuinely hooked. Basically all of the American government get bombed and die and it’s the aftershock of what’s happened and all about the story of the guy who becomes president because of it. For someone who is normally just a comedy or drama addict this is certainly different, hence why I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Another Netflix Series, and let be honest they’re really nailing it with there series lately, and with so much choice there’s something for everyone.

3. Stranger Things
We have literally just started this as I’m writing this and we are already on episode three. I’ve been saying that we need to watch it since everyone seemed to be raving about and I can see why. It’s not the typical thing I’d normally watch again because it’s certainly something I’d end up being panicking about with all the monsters and stuff but it’s really good, I’ll be watching all the episodes with the light on. It’s one of these programmes that having heard so much about I had high expectations and it’s meeting them brilliantly. Having literally just started it I feel like I need to give it a couple of episodes longer before I start raving about it to much but if they continue as they’ve started I’ll screaming from the rooftops. Let’s not forget about how brilliant the soundtrack is as well!

4. Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcher
I’m a big of Gi’s books and this was no exception. Admittedly it did take me a while to get into and it wasn’t until I was on holiday that I finally got through the first few chapters and back in the company with some brilliant characters. I love books that you can catch up with old characters with but I never expect a full series about them. It was such a lovely idea to have letters featured in the book and it should the struggles of a long distance relationship wonderfully, let alone a busy lifestyle factored in as well.

5. Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon
I’ve raved about her books so much on her and it was time for a reread for me in terms of this book. I loved being able to remember other characters and think about how they’ve worked into other books she’s written since. It’s certainly a reason I love Paige’s books but her style of writing is wonderful too. It offers an insight into Australia and makes me want to go SO much, like I’d be able to go and think this is where Lily did this, and this is where Bronte used to work and just things like that. It also made me super excited for Bridget’s very own story coming out next year, she’s certainly a favourite character of mine so I can’t wait!

There we have it, an updated loving list of things!
I’m currently nearing the end of my series’ so let me know what you think I should watch next!


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