A 2016 Recap

It’s official, 2016 is coming to an end, and oh what a year it has been. I was sat thinking back over everything I’ve done in the past year and it’s amazing to consider everything and what has changed since the start of 2016 and I think 2016 has been a very much a good year for somethings.


 So much happened this year both blog related and not. I turned 21, got another part time job over the summer, attended some blog events, had a pretty serious operation, started playing rugby again. This is all without mentioning going into 3rd Year of University, going on holiday abroad with John and buying a Macbook. Whilst all loving life and trying not to get too stressed out. I’ve read a fair few books, about a million blogs and John started ChowandChoons and got rabbits!

It’s exciting to think about what’s changed in the last year and thinking ahead to next year what could change again. This year has been completely crazy but it’s been wonderful and everyone who has been there with me for bits has been fab so thanks guys!


 Adventuresofanarrow’s Top Posts of 2016:

I’ve tried pretty hard to try and getting the posts regular and going this year, numbers wise and I know how many people say and prove that it’s right and everything because it’s kind of right and all that jazz and here are some of the posts I’m pretty proud when I’ve been working on stuff and working on all of the stuff!

9. Blogger Interview Series

8. Sunday Post Series


7. My Favourite Instagram Accounts

6. Health and Fitness Wishlist

5. My Bullet Journal Flick Through


4. Dear You My ‘Ex’ Bestie

3. Blogger Halloween Party

2. Pokemon Go

1. 15 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self


 I’d like to thank everyone for reading these posts and sharing such great comments on some of them! I’d like to thank all of the lovely people that took part in my Blogger Interview Series at the start of the year that gave me the chance to recover from my operation and mix it up a little bit on my blog with some guest posts.

My Top 10 Songs of 2016:

I’ve been trying to increase the amount of music based things I include on my blog recently and this year you’ve had monthly playlists and album reviews. I’d love to be able to add some gig review on here as well but that means finding the time in mine and John’s super duper busy lives to go to some, I would love to start doing this so make sure you keep an eye out just in case it happens. For now just enjoy this list and the playlist attached too!


10. Chip Pan’s on Fire – The Everly Pregnant Brothers

9. World Without You – Hudson Taylor

8. Hey Julie – Fountains of Wayne

7. What You Own – Adam Pascal

6. Noah – Amber Run

5. The Pirates of Kensington – Finding Neverland The Musical

4. Sky Takes The Soul – Sunshine on Leith

3. Moments – Thomas Ashby

2. Friends – Eliza and The Bear

1. The Sounds – The 1975

My Top 10 Films of 2016:

2016 has certainly been the year of the cinema for me and john. I think living so close to it gave us an excuse to go, I don’t think we’d have seen half the films we have if we hadn’t lived so close. I’ve tried to stay away from film reviewing on the blog really but I’ll give you a little run down of them now and what I thought of them.

10: Batman Vs Superman:

I think I’ll always be a Marvel girl rather than a DC girl. I was truly disappointed by this film when we saw it. I’ve previously loved all of the batman movies but I don’t know what it was about this it just seemed to drag forever and just seemed to be completely ridiculous compared to other ones from the same serious.

9. The BFG:

I went to see this film with my mum when I was ill and it was such a light-hearted film it instantly cheered me up and made me feel slightly better despite being full of illness. The casting crew did an amazing job with this, Sophie is brilliant for the character and I love the ending despite how slightly predictable it is. It’s the perfect ending to a story of an orphan needing love and friendship which she finds throughout the film with it ending with the perfect ending!

8. Deadpool:

Surprisingly this film was one that I didn’t want to like but ended up liking a fair bit. I like the superhero movies that have the origin story include and this one had it all. I was completely grossed out at times, and then spent more time questioning things but overall I did find myself laughing out loud to the character. I can no longer look at Ryan Reynolds the same way however because of all the bits that seemed so out of the character when he was talking to the screen and stuff but it was good enough for me to watch again.2016-recap-7

7. The Jungle Book:

When the live action movie was released it’s fair to say I was sceptic. Everyone loves the original Jungle Book and I really didn’t want it to be tainted by the live action version but I take it all back, I don’t think that was ever possible. The only problem I have is with Kaa, I don’t think Scarlett Johansson is really a snake in my eyes, she is far too much Black Widow. Idris Elba is the perfect voice actor for Shere Khan and that’s the type of voice I always imagine would be a tiger’s voice.

6. X-men Apocalypse:

I love all of the X-men films but again with the origins of Apocalypse being explained and new characters being added whats not to love. With the addition of Storm, Jean Grey and Scott I think I was always going to love it but with Angel making an appearance I was definitely sold. I always get confused as to how the films all fit together but I’m going to say that origins is certainly my favourite X-men series.

5. Finding Dory:

I had been waiting for this since it was first announced and I was crying within minutes into the film. Baby Dory officially stole my heart and I genuinely will love her forever. I loved the addition of the important characters and Destiny was brilliant. We always knew she could really speak Whale. I seriously think that all of the years of waiting for it were worth it and I’d love there to be some like shorts of all of the characters living together now or even just some more of Hank teaching, that’d be great.


4. Dr Strange:

Another Marvel film, another origin story. I think 2016 was the year of origin stories for Marvel. The start of it was for me with all the operating and the blood for his hands and everything but I think towards the middle of the film being so good had made up for that. I had no idea about any of the film at the start but by the end I genuinely felt like an expert. One thing I loved about it was how everything had to be learnt and practiced unlike ‘normal’ superhero films when it’s all about the ability of money or both in some cases.

3. Zootopia:

This movie is perfect for children with some hidden messages that are not always covered. It shows things that are sometimes forgotten or ignored and I think that makes it a brilliant movie. So many things happen in such a short space of time in the movie but it makes it all the better. I love the characters, I mean Judy is brilliant and never gives up, Nick is sly in the way everyone is sly to get what he wants and overcome the little things in life. I think it shows the ability of any people who can become friends and do whatever they want.

2. Captain America Civil War:


This film had to be up there after a trilogy in one evening. It was certainly an interesting way to watch a midnight release and it was the perfect way to watch the films and find anything we might have missed the first couple of times around but it was such a good atmosphere when we were watching it. We enjoyed it so much it was almost tempting to go and see it again but we had restraint until it was released and we’ve watched a number of times already. It was a tough choice between this and my number 1 choice for the top bill!


1. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them:

I knew it was going to be good, but I went with reasonable expectations and left with such higher enjoyment levels. All of the beasts are so damn cute I couldn’t cope and I want one of every single ones of them in my life. I was very sceptical when I heard that Johnny Depp was in it but I don’t think he was in it enough to make an affect on the film like people may have thought he would. I love the character of Jacob as well, I was in complete tears when he was forgetting everything but they only forget the bad so I think he’s going to come back into it and not have forgotten anything!

My Top 5 TV Shows of 2016:

5. The Real Marigold Hotel:

I love the films a lot but then I watched the Series and now I love it even more! The celebrities being included on it are fantastic and I’m loving the fact there is currently a ‘On Tour’. Miriam and Rosemary together make the viewing fantastic – the arguing, the language it hilarious. Miriam is literally my spirit animal and seeing her travel around is the funniest thing ever! She was let behind the wheel of a car in the last episode and I nearly wet myself. I’d never want to be on the road with her around!

4. Happy Valley Series 2:

Katherine Kelly is AMAZING! That is all that needs to be said about this series. Oh and it’s set in the north, that is all. Neville Longbottom and Katherine Kelly make this series everything it needs to be. With a shock ending and an even shocking final episode I’d completely love there to be a new series!

3. OITNB – Series 4:

I have never been so excited for a new series of anything to be coming and I’ve never enjoyed it as much, but then we go again and we get thrown a massive cliffhanger like that! With the surprising release of some prisoners and return of some others it kept interesting. Some surprising turns and upsetting things who doesn’t love OITNB.

2. Stranger Things:

I enjoyed this programme to my surprise. We left it late to join the party of it but I think that helped us, there loads of buzzfeeds we’d had to avoid reading because of it and everything so dived straight in and we enjoyed it so much that we ended up watching it in like 5 days – annoyingly John was at work the day we started it so hard to take longer than it would have done normally.

1. Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life:

I rewatched the whole 7 series for this programme and it was so worth it to remember everything that happened. I wrote about this recently in my Watching and Reading #8. I completely feel like the show has gone full circle but that doesn’t mean we don’t need another series in order to explain a few more things and see what happens around what ends the show! If we talk about Luke and Loreali’s wedding I can think of nothing better than that for them and I was in a flood of tears throughout all of the last episode.


 Oh what a year!  I hope you enjoy the pictures, these are what I think have been some of my best shots from 2016 and in completely irrelevant place because thats the best way to do it right?!

Let me know what’s been your highlight of 2016?!



    • January 5, 2017 / 1:00 pm

      Gilmore Girls is amazing you really need to watch it!

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