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Up until 2 years ago, I always classed Bonfire Night as my favourite time of the year, but it’s definitely Christmas. I thought I would share you the reason I love Christmas and what makes me excited for Christmas every year when it starts again.

Christmas Adverts:

The excitement for the new Christmas advert and seeing what’s going to be realised that year! Whether it is John Lewis’ new advert, Marks and Spencer or whatever shop it may be there is always a good range of them. The one that is a MUST every single year is the Coca Cola advert. I can’t be the only person ever that gets incredibly excited when it is time for the #holidaysarecoming ad it’s officially Christmas or that start of it at least.

Christmas Films:

They are some of the most light-hearted, funny but also heart-warming films that there are. They make me so happy to watch and I could honestly watch that all year round if it wasn’t for their unavailability and well, the one main theme being completely irrelevant to the time of the year I would. There is a list of must see films at Christmas because when else can you watch them, and because they’re amazing!

Christmas Songs:

Who doesn’t love Christmas songs, I mean all the songs about wine and food and family who doesn’t love that! Not to mention the jolly tunes that go along with the lovely words. I think something else that’s great about the songs is that so many different artists release them. Who doesn’t love the guilty pleasure in the form of Paul McCartney at Christmas and not to mention good ol’ Cliff.

Christmas Food:

As much as people say it – who doesn’t love the idea of the boxes upon boxes of chocolates, the mince pies, the different cakes. Man I think I just put on weight thinking about it. Not to mention the main event itself in the Christmas lunch – Turkey, Stuffing, Pig’s in blankets and those good ol’ roast potatoes because what’s Christmas without the dinner.


If Christmas isn’t the time to spend surrounded by your family, doing everything you love – whether it’s just sat watching silly things on TV or playing charades or other board games that what Christmas is about!

Let me know what you love about Christmas!


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