Blogmas Day 5 | 10 Things that will Instantly feel Festive


So if you know you’ll know that I’ve been listening to Christmas songs, watching Christmas films and all that jazz since November 6th because I bloody love Christmas and the whole festive period! John however doesn’t start celebrating Christmas until the end of November of the start of December so I contain and then I tend to get very excited and everything just when John begins!

I thought I would write a list of things that I love and do in order to feel really festive and try and make John join in a little bit early and join me in the festive life!

Christmas Films:
No matter what your favourite Christmas film is it’s a sure start way to get festive! I’ve watched so many Christmas films already but I would genuinely watch them all, all over again! We watched John’s favourite Christmas films yesterday, Muppets Christmas Carol and I think he did suddenly feel a lot more festive!

Christmas Music:
We’ve both had the Christmas playlists playing a while now and I think it’s important to have the right Christmas music for all the Christmas period. I made a Christmas playlist at the start of Blogmas that you can see here, but I also think Spotify is THE perfect place for finding some different Christmas playlists – for example they have Easy Christmas, Christmas Crackers, Christmas Party and they’re the ones made by Spotify, not to mention the probably hundreds of ones you can get that other people that made!

Christmas Food:
There is so much food that related to Christmas at the minute, Boxes of Chocolates, Special Biscuits, Stollen, Mince Pies, Christmas Cake – I could honestly go on forever! I know that for me when I have my first Mince Pie of the year I can officially start everything else! As for Christmas Cake and such things like that – those tend to come nearer to Christmas week for me!

Christmassy Drinks:
Again with there being such a range of choice: alcoholic, hot, cold and non-alcoholic what more could you need from Christmas! When I think of Christmas the drinks that come to mind are certainly Mulled Wine or Cider, Hot Chocolate but also Snowballs and Baby Chams. I think there’s something about having a nice hot glass Mulled Wine it gives you a feeling and sense of Festivity that is amazing! I’m not a huge fan of Wine but Mulled Wine is completely different!

Spend Time with Younger People:
It’s a given fact that all young children LOVE Christmas! The idea of them getting presents and new toys is clearly something good enough for them to get excited at the slightest thing ever! No matter who the children are; family or children of friends or even your own children, going somewhere with them and seeing the excitement in their faces when they see Santa or Christmas lights and things like that is just amazing!

Visit a Christmas Market
This year will be the 4th Year in a row that I attend a Christmas Market. It will be the 3rd Year I’ve attended Birmingham’s Christmas Market with York being the 1st Year. I love them, the atmosphere, the decorations and then music! Even when I’ve just popped into Birmingham, walking past them made me feel festive let alone walking around the stalls and everything! It makes me excited to go tomorrow!

Present Wrapping:
I remember when I was younger and it would mostly be Saturday Night’s when Casualty was on, Mum and I would get a bunch of Christmas presents and we would wrap them together. If it was a box or square shape I’d be able to do it but if it’s was a different shape mum would do it. I genuinely think this is why I’m so good at wrapping squares and alright at wrapping anything else. I also think this could be part of the reason I love wrapping Christmas presents. Sticking the Music Channel on with it’s celebrities favourite Christmas songs countdown.

Decorate Everything:
If all of these have so far failed – have you got your Christmas Decorations up yet? I like to put them up as early as possible if there’s the chance. I do know that my mum likes to have them up for about a week or two but I know people that put them up at the start of November and have them for about two months! I love Christmas but I think 2 months is a little bit too much!

Wish for Snow:
I think this one might be a little personal to me! Christmas is even more magical when it snows and I love the Snow despite it being a ball ache for everyone and the country coming to a stand still because of it. I love when the sky is pure white with the snow falling from it, and then the fresh unwalked in snow look…I’m wishing for snow!

Take a Minute:
Just stop doing everything! Right now! Just think about Christmas as you were growing up, what did you do, what can you remember, what is important to you now? Is any of it similar? For me Christmas is all about family – spending time together and being happy with everyone.

What do you do to feel festive?!


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