Blogmas Day 8 | 7 Reasons Why Polar Express is Amazing!


Can we just how is it Blogmas Day 8 already – meaning it’s the 15th! Please can it all just slow down and just chill out and let us enjoy December a little bit more before it all disappears and it’s the New Year already!

I thought I would share you with you a list of reasons I love Polar Express because it’s the most amazing film ever and this is why!

1. The songs are amazing throughout – how knew you could make a song about having Hot Chocolate so great and super, like really?!

2. Tom Hanks is amazing, as always!

3. There’s such an important message hidden beneath it all – Seeing is Believing. However I’m not sure I completely agree with it.

4. There are so many possible ‘Rollercoaster’ moments that are amazing as 4D (I’ve tried it).

5.  I love that Tom Hanks plays so many of the characters!

6. The friendships that are developed during the film is amazing.

7. It’s basically an animated version of Harry Potter – all of the magic, the special friendships, the special tickets – just add in some singing and dancing and Tom Hanks and there we have it!

Let me know what you favourite film is and one reason why!


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