Pate Party*

Over the Christmas period I know a lot of people have a lot more buffet’s for lunches and supper than throughout the normal year, my family do for sure. One thing that is always present on our buffets is Pate, I was sent a lovely range of pate’s to review from the lovely people at Castle MacLellan.

We used these pate’s as part of our starter when we had a little farewell kind of meal before I headed home for Christmas. We toasted some lovely ciabatta rolls and got the crackers out and tucked into the range of the pates.


I felt very lucky when I opened this lovely package that I was sent with 5 luxurious pate’s tucked into the bag.

Rannoch Smoked Duck

This was one of my favourites, duck pate is certainly one that I always look for when I’m choosing them because of the yumminess. The apple within this pate went really nicely and added a slight contrast in the flavours and was completely lovely!

Luxury Orkney Crab Terrine:

This creamy crab terrine, was a little less of a favourite on my part but that’s because I’m not a fan of crab. John enjoyed it however and as he ate it, he was reminded of the sandwich spread he used to have when he was younger.

Scottish Smoked Salmon:

Again another fishy one was less of a choice for me, but I got the feeling everyone else enjoyed it – there were comments thrown around of, oh it’s very smooth and strongly salmon which is clearly wonderful if you enjoy salmon.

Oven Roasted Mushroom Pate:

This Mushroom Pate went down the best out of all of them. Mushrooms are certainly a big favourite with everyone except me so it was no surprise that this one was a very early one to go compared to some of them.

Chicken Liver Pate with Heather Honey:

I think this was the one I was the most disappointed with, how doesn’t love Chicken pate but I think the heather honey was the aspect of it that I didn’t like. It was enjoyed by everyone else but unfortunately it wasn’t for me.

 Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you to the lovely people at Castle MacLellan for sending me all the pate!

*This is a sponsored post.


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