Watching and Reading #8

It’s time for another updated version of my latest Watching and Reading and other than the obvious answer of Christmas films I thought I would share with a list of things I’ve managed to find the time to watch during my 3rd year student life!

So good old Netflix has done it again with more Netflix Original Series’ in the form of:

The Crown:

We started watching this with John’s mum and John but then we haven’t watched it together since but I was like oh I’ll give it a go, started from the start and now I’m hooked! I love the royal family at the best of times and I think it’s amazing seeing Matt Smith in a completely different role to what we are used to him in, I mean Doctor Who, Who?! Matt Smith will forever now be known as the Young Prince Phillip! Also I think he looks amazing with slightly blonde hair, oh and those eyes! I love that it’s showing the pressures and struggle that the Queen went through when she first became Queen and personally I think I like her even more for overcoming it all and that with the fact she is also still going at over 90 years old, woo go Queen!

Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life:

I was incredibly excited for this and made a point of watching Gilmore all the way through before watching it. I’ve seen a lot of things where people have complained about the fact that they’re 1 hour 30 or something like that but I genuinely love it. In comparison of the regular series’ I found myself getting a lot more involved in what everyone was doing and what was happening even though it was only 4 episodes. I also think that they’ve set it up for even more episodes with how it finished. If it’s not brought back though it’s gone completely full circle and you can imagine what would happen. I loved seeing all the different lives that the Characters have got and I think the final episode had to be my favourite because of the certain characters they did bring back. I’ve tried to keep it as vague as possible but obviously if you’ve seen you’ll know exactly what I mean. I don’t want to be giving out any spoilers now do I!?!

Fuller House Series 2:

I watched the first series in a matter of days so when I saw that a Series 2 was coming I got very excited, with the way the first series had finished DJ needing to make a decision I was excited for Series 2 to come back and to see what she decide. I think it’s great that they’ve brought back a series that I remember seeing bits of when I was younger and they’re still working on the same principle of the kids having like 3 moms and then gradually more joining the family. I’m hoping this Series will have some of the original cast come back into it to look after the kids again and I’d completely love for there to be a Christmas episode this time of the year!

I thought I’d also throw in a little list of the Christmas films I’ve been watching:

The Grinch

Polar Express

Muppets Christmas Carol

Love Actually

Arthur Christmas

The Nativity and so many more.

I completely love Christmas films, mainly because I remember watching them all when I was younger and I enjoyed cuddling up with my mum and some of them with my Grandma and snuggling down to watch them and I’m not ashamed at all to say I can very much remember most of the words to so many of the films. It’s a wonder there is any room in my brain for anything else at all with all the film quotes and Christmas songs words I know!

It’s obviously the time that every YouTuber and their mum makes Vlogmas videos and I love them so much, a little insight into their lives and seeing everyone decorating their homes and trees is something I love. This year I’ve been loving:

Zoella’s Vlogmas:

Now for me this is a no brainer, I love Zoe and seeing her get really festive, because she loves Christmas, genuinely gives me festive goals! Having a little Christmas tree in her bedroom and everything makes me want one so much. I also love that I think in every video she’s posted this year there has been a Christmas film or Christmas Special of a TV show included because we are basically the same person when it comes to that because I’m doing exactly the same!


If you’ve been here a while you’ll have heard me rave about Rhianna’s blog and YouTube channel and her vlogmas is no different. I love her little intro of the tree everyday and make sure I try look at all the decorations I can see just to have a nose. We are just over half way through all of the vlogmas’ videos and I’ll certainly miss Rhianna’s. It makes me laughing being able to watch Weiss (the cat, I think it’s spelt right) get everywhere and be awesome and watching her make Gingerbread really made me want to do something so I made shortbread because of Rhianna – look out for the blog with recipe very soon!

Beauty Spectrum:

Now Molly’s Youtube and vlogmas is one I’ve started a little bit later than the rest of them purely because I’ve only recently discovered her, which is strange because she’s from like Beverly which is very close to Hull and in all accounts we could have passed when walk through town or something which is kinda of strange but funny at the same time. I started watching her vlogs one day because I’d seen that she’d been into Town and I enjoyed watched her video of her in Hull because it’s been a few month since I’ve been there myself so it was nice to see the places that I know in her video.

Let me know something I need to be watching in 2017.


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