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As I mentioned in my Sunday Post Hull is officially the UK City of Culture for 2017. There are so many things happening this year and the first thing to happen was; Made In Hull. Made in Hull was a collection of projections created by artists from Hull and were projected onto three buildings around Victoria Square.  The three buildings were Ferens Art Gallery, The Maritime Muesum and the City Hall.

Made in Hull:

The projections were based on the history of Hull and things have happened in Hull’s past.  Key moments for Hull and even the UK. There’s lots of things included in the projects; such as when Dean Windass scored at the Championship play-offs. They include pictures and stories of the Hull Trawlers. There were new articles about when they went missing or bombed during World War Two. Along with when Wind Turbines arrived in Hull.  Originally I took a lot of  photo’s but I decided to only show you some of my favourite or some of the best ones depending on how you want to think of it.

As I said the projections where shone onto the 3 buildings. Some of them were different on the buildings, there were different faces on the wind turbine things, the Hull Fair projections were different. Some of the words on them were different but I think as a hole they’re pretty much the same on the 3 buildings. John and I said that if it wasn’t as cold we would have stood and watched the rest of them but it was bitterly cold!

Hull City of Culture

In my Sunday Post; I also mentioned the opening fireworks ‘In With a Bang’. They were amazing and as I said I live streamed the whole thing on Facebook. They’re available at the above link on YouTube. The added bonus of watching it on YouTube is that you can hear the soundtrack to go with it. All the of the artists within the soundtrack are Hull artists and musicians. As I said, I went to see the fireworks I mentioned, and they were amazing, but I think I’m bias, either that or the biggest critic. 1. I love fireworks and 2. I’m from Hull. So that makes the 2 reasons as to why I’d be ready to criticise. Especially of Hull whenever possible, everyone loves criticising their own hometown, but anyone else does it – they’ve got to take it back.

Anyway go check the fireworks out, make sure you keep an eye on what is happening around Hull. There’ll be plenty to get people there!

So as I said there is so much going on in Hull this year and it’s all easily checkable with what is happening and when it’s happening on this website. There is so much happening don’t just judge Hull as dull as so many people do.

Let me know if you’d like to go to any of the events or what you’d like down in the comments!


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