Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

You might have noticed that things are a little bit different around here. That is because I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress. I have spoken to so many people that rave about WordPress and seen so many blogs and tweets celebrating it. I’ve wondered what all the hype was about for a while. When it came to switching over I’ve seen walkthrough and videos about how to switch over yourself bit I don’t think I’d have been able to cope.


I had a lovely little catch up with Ashton over at Ashton Jade in December. We got talking and she was telling me about how she’d moved over to WordPress. How it had been super easy with the help of Pipdig and how she was loving it. I really felt like having already considered it is was getting close to me saying yes. There were plenty of reasons me to move over and making a list of pro and cons of both  platforms helped me decide what I wanted from my platform. WordPress had it all.

Of course I got a brand new spanking blog theme as well which I think was the hardest decision to make. Especially out of choosing the move and redesign. There are honestly so many amazing themes I find it so hard to choose. I would genuinely recommend them for anyone who wants clean, simple looking design but doesn’t want to pay the world for it because Pipdig has it all!

As I said, Pipdig was suggested to me for migration and knowing I’d need a new blog theme it was a perfect decision. So a massive thank you to Phil at Pipdig for making it super easy. Thanks to Ashton for suggesting it and you lot for reading this pointless post which was explain from the title.

Hope your enjoying the new set up!


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