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I love spending time reading blogs and I thought I’d share with you all some of my favourite Blogs – the ones I get excited about when I realised they’ve posted and I’ve a new post to have a read of and enjoy! Sharing stuff like this with you all tends to be quite popular when I do so enjoy!

Ashton Jade

Ashton is one of the lovely Hull Bloggers but I genuinely get super excited when I’ve seen she’s posted. Especially because a lot of the time when she posts it’s about the amazing holidays she’s been on recently.  It does make me incredibly jealous and really lusting for a holiday in the sun.  I’ve now got so many places I want to go on holiday thanks to her posts.  She recently posted this Diary of Cocktails she’d had while on holiday in Tenerife. Everyone loves a good cocktail and the photography within this post gives me goosebumps. She’s another blogger that’s got the amazing Olympus Pen camera and all of these pictures give me serious camera envy.


I honestly feel like I always mention Rhianna over at Robowecop but I can’t help it. If she posts amazing blogs of course I’m going to tell you about her and them. She recently posted this 9 tips for Instagram post and I’ve been following her tips and I’ve already seen an increase in my Instagram! Her pictures on both her blog and Instagram are dreamy and I can’t help but be some in love with them. She does so many great posts and I’ve had ideas of hairstyles, recipes and even books to read from reading her blog. I love that she’s recently ventured into the fashion side of blogging as well. I love seeing where she’s got her lovely big jumpers from because who doesn’t love a cosy jumper during winter?! 

Vix Meldrew

I feel like Vix’s blog is the most adult blog out of those that I read. It discusses all things dating and sex and I find the majority of her blogs hilarious. She also does a 10 Thoughts series about so many things and these are certainly the posts I find funny and interesting. I honestly how random her pictures seem to start with and then when you’ve read the blog your like – oh that’s how the picture fits in.

Very Berry Cosmo

Kayleigh posts are certainly a go to whenever they’re posted. Whether they’re about books, mental health or life happenings. Kayleigh’s blogs always have everything you need and covers literally everything. Make sure you are giving her a follow on Instagram as well because she basically daily vlogs over there and the dogs are seriously cute! Her 2017 post – she comes out plan and simple and says what everyone thinks with – I don’t like January. I don’t think anyone does. Including this print from That Lame company I love it and I recommend this post for everyone!

Prompts by Dee

I had to include Dee because someone who writes a letter to Sherlock and Dr Watson needs to be included. Along with sharing things for every Fandom that exists and is awesome of course she is here. Her Sherlock post I mentioned discusses the Sherlock Finale and crazy it is. She then goes on to write a letter to Sherlock and Dr John Watson and the letter is fantastic. It’s the type of letter that everyone writes to TV Series’ but it’s the first time I’ve seen one and I don’t think it’ll be the last because it’s fantastic.

Northern Blood

There aren’t that many male lifestyle bloggers but Joe is one of the best. From Music to Fashion Northern Blood has it all. Everyone loves a good playlist. To get a fantastic post you need to know what albums and songs to expect and Joe has given us the perfect break down of releases this year. Along with his aims and goals for 2017 including passing his test and saving he’s ready to really adult and I can’t cope. Joe is not much older than me and it’s making me stress about needing to adult soon but it’s great to know that he’s getting sorted!

The Curvaceous Vegan

Amie is one of the nicest people on the entire planet and I love her blog. She promotes so much happiness and love on her blog. If the world was full of more people like Amie to would really be a better place. She blogs about so many things but her latest post on what Bloggers Should Talk About More is a really good post. There are so many things that are known as Taboo topics for bloggers but Amie discuss why we need to overcome the taboo aspect of the topics. It’s also why we need to start talking about them and I agree 1 million percent.


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