My ‘F**k Budget’

There was always the big question about whether I was going to be using fuck or F**K but I thought I’d stick with the book itself and go with f**k. So here is My ‘F**k Budget’ I feel like I was very much late to the party with this book and post. I’ve loved reading everyone’s post about it and when I was reading them I was like yep – that’d be too. Typically writing this I’m struggling to think of any of those things!


If you’ve not read the books ‘The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k’ I would honestly recommend it. It’s certainly not the type of books I normally pick up off the bookshelf but I’m so glad I did. The book basically breaks everything down into 4 different categories of; Things, Work, Friends and Family. You then use a flow chart to decide whether you do or don’t give a f**k about it, or not basically. Sarah Knight makes the use of Sorry, Not Sorry very important when discussing people’s opinion on your f**k’s.

I’ve put together lists of my fucks and you can clearly workout which area my f**k is meant to be in. As well Do and Don’t give a F**k about it can also be things to give more f**k’s about and less f**k’s about about. So basically I’ll give more about those that I do give a f**k about and less about those that I don’t give a f**k about. It’s all quite simple.

My ‘F**k Budget’

Do Give A F**k:
All the stationery
Sports Kit Stash
Being able to save
Owning all of the Blog Props
Being Fit and Healthy
Seeing my family more
Making Memories
Don’t Give A F**K:
Being a Morning Person
Whether or Not My Handwriting is consistent or looks nice.
Smoothie Bowls
Stupid expectations of me
Wasting my time on people that don’t deserve it
Game of Thrones
Latte Art


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