What I’ve Been Watching and Reading #9

I always get great feedback from these posts and seeing as I haven’t post one in such a long time I thought I would update you! I’ve not really been reading as much because of all the dissertation and University stuff but I’ve certainly being watching plenty whilst I’ve been writing away.

What I’m Watching:


I love shows like this, shows that require you to remember things that have happened throughout the show so you can try and work out whodunnit as it were. I think i have fallen completely in love with Archie Andrews and who wouldn’t be because the bod, the jawline and the eyes – I mean how can you not be in love with him! I’m loving the storyline so far and there are so many twists and turns of the story and what has happened. If you’ve not watched it, you really need too and it’s amazing and yeh!

Gossip Girl

Another solve as you go programme today, and I have finally finished watching this again. I didn’t manage to work out, who it is. It is so well written that it isn’t obvious who it is. I can’t believe the development of all the characters and how it basically finishes how it started. It’s if nothing has happened throughout it all, lives have changed but they do and it’s bloody fab!


I’ve written about loving this show before, but right now I have so many questions about everything right now. Who, I mean there’s like 3 million suspects as always and they’ve all got the possible actions, I suppose. Anything could happen with 4 episodes for everything to be solved.


Like I said it’s being a while since I wrote one of these. Since then I managed to binge watch ASOUE in like 5 days. Not the quickest I’ve ever managed but John was trying to decide if he liked it or not. He didn’t like aspects of what the children said and how the acted around the grown ups.  I think this was something I enjoyed. It was like they were adults trapped in children’s bodies. 

I’m now really struggling with what series’ I need to watch, so please recommend things to me in the Boxset drought I am in.

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