I’m Back

Writing this post it has been 5 weeks since I published a post on here so I am make a big old effort to come back with ideas and the posts that you all like. This time I’ve got a good reason for being MIA in the form of my dissertation. It completely took over my life and as much as I wanted to procrastinate here in my usual fashion,  I knew that I couldn’t. I was incredibly relieved to submit this piece of work and stressed at the same time, but it ok and I’m so proud of myself for managing it.


I’ve now got 7 or 8 weeks left at University and then a 3 year aspect of my life will be done. I can’t believe it, but that is all I’m saying on that because I am planning a post on it all. I know this has been a very short blog but I wanted to explain quickly and there we have it.



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