1000 Days of Us…

This is probably going to be a really cheesy post about us, so if you’re not about that press the X now. If not – stick around for all the cheese!

1000 days, that’s a long time. I mean it’s like 2 and 3/4 years. 24000 hours. I’ve probably spent more than half of that sleeping. The other half I’ve spent being on massive adventures with you, John. I say this all the time to you in person but you are my adventure buddy and *cue cheesy ass line* we are still on the biggest adventure yet!

So many people have asked, oh when are you getting married, or having babies and lots of stuff like that but we are both just enjoying life and seeing where it takes us. Whether that is travelling or what we are ready for it to all happen together. We joke so much about putting up with each other, but that’s what love is for us.


When I think back about 3 million years (it’s what it feels like), to when we first dropped the L bomb. We weren’t even in the same place. It was like the majority of our relationship for the first like month or 2, done by text and powered by alcohol one half of the conversation – it was you that time, not me for once. Now we throw it about like a ball like it’s no big deal, but we both know it is really.  I read an article the other day about how love is so much more than just sex and kisses and it’s so true!

  • Love isn’t falling asleep in each others arms every night, because that is hella uncomfortable and sweaty. It’s falling asleep back to back trying to steal as much of the bed as possible.
  • Love isn’t never ever arguing. It’s arguing over the stupid things like who should be doing the washing and because neither of you can be bothered.
  • Love isn’t going out to do something everyday. It’s laying in bed watching rubbish on TV and each of us being on our laptops completely ignoring each other!
  • Love isn’t expecting flowers as a present randomly. It’s being woken up randomly with a surprise McDonalds breakfast after a night shift.
  • Love isn’t looking amazing every minute of every single day. It’s one of us coming of the rugby pitch and the other one still wanting to kiss them no matter how muddy and sweaty they are.
  • Love isn’t spending every minute of every day together. It’s spending time apart and then feeling happy when you are reunited.
  • Love isn’t agreeing with everything they do. It’s understanding why they did it and helping them whatever the outcome.
  • Love isn’t being best friends with their best friends. It’s remembering the names of their friends and colleagues so that when their complaining about them you know who they are talking about.
  • Love isn’t having the same interests. It’s showing an interest in things you really hate because they love it. *cricket*


I’m aware many of you won’t be aware of how John and I got together, so I’ll give you quick step by step of how it happened.

  • I was in London with some friends, drinking – obviously.
  • John was at home in Wolverhampton.
  • We had know each other a while, when I first met him I thought he was a knob.
  • We’d been texting each other a fair bit prior to being in London.
  • We were talking and then a friend intervened and told John that I liked him.
  • We then started discussing the fact that we liked each other.
  • There was a VERY drunk Alice by this point.
  • He asked me out, by text obviously.
  • I was very aware that I didn’t want to ruin our friendship
    • We spoke everyday – pretty much all day and it was one of those text-friendships where it felt weird if I didn’t speak to him.
  • I eventually said yes.
  • John came to visit me in Hull the week after.

We started out as a  long distance couple before I moved to uni. I found it hard for the like 2 months, don’t know about you John. This was during the early part of the relationship  as well. I think within the 2 months before I moved to uni, I saw you 3 times before seeing you basically everyday, unlike our plan to see each other like once or twice a week. As people say the rest is history and now we’ve lived together for like 2 years. It’s weird to think it’s only been 1000 days because everything feels so normal like we’ve been doing it forever.


When I think about things that could define our relationship, music is certainly up there as one of the top 3 things.

Whilst I say define our relationship, we like that much music it depends what mood we are for the specifics. If we were to try and work out the specifics of the playlist, I think it would take hours. I’m pretty sure we will do it eventually but we shall see, we should probably get started if we were to do it.

Whilst we’ve been together for 1000 days and we’ve done so much. There’s still so much we want to do. I pretty sure we could probably make a relationship bucket-list. Maybe we should do that and try and get some ticked off before for example like, 2000 days together. Oh, maybe it’s time for another 100 in 1000.

Let me know what you think we should do down in the comments! How long have you been in your relationship?



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