13 Reasons Why, Unanswered Questions and Theories


If you haven’t watched the whole series I recommend you do before you read on, or be prepared for spoilers! You have been warned!

Like so many people I’ve binge watched 13 Reasons Why. 13 Reasons Why is a series that focusses on an incredibly important topic. This is done through a series of flashback which are all very real. Some of which are very triggering and the series itself gives warnings of this nature.

I feel there are still questions that needed to be answered before Series 2. I thought I would share some of my ideas about theories and other theories I’ve seen surrounding similar questions.

Unanswered Questions

  1. Alex is following Hannah’s path. He’s slowly slipping into depression throughout the series, ending with.
  2. Is it really Alex in the ambulance at the end?
  3. Why has Tyler got so many guns?
  4. Where did he get them from?
  5. What’s he planning on doing with them?
  6. Is Clay’s and Tyler’s plan to put Bryce as a scape goat similar?
  7. Why doesn’t Montgomery have a tape?
  8. Where’s Justin going?
  9. Is Jessica going to continue spiralling out of control?
  10. How many of them could actually end up in prison?
  11. Why Tony?


Alex and Zach

1. The reasons that I can assume this happens is to show that even though they’ve all listened to the tapes, they were happy to let it happen all over again. Clay literally uses the line “What about the next kid that wants to kill themselves?” It’s like Clay knows that affect the court cases, the vigil, the posters and tapes are going to have an affect on someone and they’re still going to go through it all over again. We also see him collect some medication from Andy Baker, so it would be interesting to see what medication this is.

2. Whilst we know there is a 17 year old kid that has a gunshot in the head, but it isn’t until the end of the final episode that find out it is ‘Alex’. If you look carefully at the body in the ambulance, the hair colour is not that of Alex.  Think back to Zach being in the sports hall trying to contact Alex and he finally gets text back ‘Please Call’. We hear Alex answer and I’m pretty sure that if you shoot yourself in the head you can’t speak! In my head when I first started thinking about this, I thought please don’t be Zach but I think the only person it can be is Ryan Shaver, we haven’t seen him in the last episode, so that’s my guess.


3/4/5. Tyler’s guns and ammo is very similar to what was in Jess’ dads safe. Whilst it would create more questions, maybe Tyler got them from there. I’ve seen people suggesting that there might be a mass shooting, that’s why he’s got so many pictures of the people on the tapes.  It would take him being the school ‘shooter’ to a whole new level, shooting photographs and shooting people…I think it would be interesting because this is another important topic that occurs in America. He uses the line “I can take care of myself.” It would imply that he’s planning on doing something, were just not sure what yet. This then puts the question of he pulled down Alex’s picture first, does this mean that if it is Alex in the ambulance,  is it Tyler that shot him?


6. Whilst Tyler’s suggestion of making Bryce a scapegoat was ignored and denied by the other people on the tapes, that is basically what Clay has managed to do single handedly. By giving the tapes to Mr Porter having recorded Tape 7 Side B, gives the choice of what to do to Mr Porter. Surely he must take them to the police but Bryce’s confessions is on the reverse of what he did. Bryce would have been the logical next person to have received the tapes but Clay decide to skip. I agree with Clay, there is no way of knowing what Bryce would have done with the tapes that expose him.


7. He has been a dick throughout the full series and he’s a jock just like Zach, Bryce and Justin. He’s probably being present during the majority of the incidents that are recorded so why doesn’t he have a tape? Does he replace Jeff within the Jock community. Is he new? I think there is something more about him that will probably come out in Series 2.

8. Where you going Justin? He mentions in the final episode that he thought about killing himself but couldn’t do it because of Jessica. He relied on Bryce so much for everything and we find out that he even bought basketball shoes for him during the season, what now. What is he going to do about college? That’s the only thing he knew was going to happening but now, there’s no chance of a scholarship if he isn’t playing basketball.


9. Last we saw was Jessica telling her dad what happened, I think it’s only a matter of seconds before he does something about. I mean he’s an airman, either that or I reckon she won’t be in the second series because her family will have moved to forget about what has happened and then it’ll all go to court and she’ll have to come back and everything will get interesting.


Bryce – Sexual assault

Sheri – Hitting the Stop sign before causing the accident.

Justin for whatever he does whilst he’s got money, a gun and vodka.


I feel like this is the biggest question of all is why did Tony get the tapes. He’s not on them. There’s so much about it that is unanswered. Towards the beginning of the series I wondered if he was like an undercover police officer trying to the get the scope, but he is in the dance episode and clearly has a background within the school. There are other aspects that I feel need answering too – he has tattoo’s and whilst some of the others do, I think, he does also seem older than a school kid. He randomly beats guys up with his brothers because that’s apparently the type of family he is from. He also works in fathers garage, again because that’s the type of family he comes from. Series 2 has certainly got a lot of questions to answer.

What Next For 13 Reasons Why

Hannah’s parents have the recordings on a USB, Mr Porter has the tapes with Bryce’s confession. Jessica is telling her dad. Tyler has guns, someone is in an ambulance, apparently Alex. Justin is gone with a gun, money and a bottle of vodka and Clay, Tony, Tony’s bf and Sky are skipping school to travel. What happens next? Clay has still got his deposition to do, is everything going to come during that? Tony also got asked for a deposition which he hasn’t done. Also, there was no specific detail given about what happens after the tapes have all been listened to, what happens then?

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for Series 2 of 13 Reasons Why.
Let me know if you have any theories!


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