I Don’t Know About You But I’m Feeling 22

I Don’t Know About You But I’m Feeling 22

Yesterday I turned 22 and I thought I would share with you one of these fantastic list posts that everyone seems to do, and everyone else seems to love.

1. Never take yourself too seriously! Life is boring that way!

2. Sometimes not matter how hard you try, it’s sometimes not meant to be. This can about anything as most of these things are. Friendships, cooking (trust me) and jobs.

3. Don’t give up. If you want something bad enough you will continue and continue. I know this ones kind of contradicts what I’ve said in the above point but if you’ve got an complete end goal and you keep working and working for it, you can get there eventually!

4. Learn your limit. You’ve had 4 years of getting to know your drink and how much you can handle, therefore you can no longer get away with binge drinking – that regularly anyway!

5. It is always quality rather than quantity. Whether this is friends, alcoholic beverages (sometimes),

6. Not everything in life is Instagram worthy but sometimes a filter can make it so.

7. No matter how old you get, whenever you are ill you will always want a cuddle from someone to make you better whether that is from your mum or dad, or bae. A cuddle fixes everything.

8. You gradually become interested in the news because it actually affects your life now. Buzzfeed do actually cover news stories so it’s fine, you don’t have to do the BBC News as of yet.

9. Remember when you were convinced that when you got into your 20’s you’d have you life all sorted?! Well you don’t and that doesn’t matter. Take time, you’ll get there and it’ll 10x better because you’ll have actually done it.

10. Don’t copy. Yes take inspiration but full on copying is horrible, if you’ve not got your own idea – don’t do anything.

11. Never take your parents for granted! They’re not going to be there for ever and you’ll eventually realise how much they do for you!


12.Experiences are the best thing ever. No matter what the experience – whether it’s going down to the park with some friends and having a good laugh to jetting off on holiday to foreign countries. It’s all experiences and memories being created! Take all the new opportunities!

13. Eyebrows are important and require a trained eye. Don’t go hacking at them yourself, pay that bit of extra money and have them sorted out properly. Your future self will thank you.

14. Sims will forever be the best game you will play and it just gets better and better.

15. Shops such as Cex are fantastic for buying products and games but selling them, your lucky if you’ll get a quarter of the price you expect!

16. Window shopping is always a good idea but also always a bad idea. You find so many nice things that you want to buy. You end up buying some of things you like but are not necessarily going to actually have a purpose for them, somewhere to wear the clothes.

17. Music is your best friend. It’s always there whenever you need it and there is so much choice for whatever mood or attitude you’ve got.

18. Exercising is important. Find a method of doing so that you enjoy – whether that’s football, rugby, running or going the gym. Love it and do it!

19. Sex scenes never get easier to watch with your parents. EVER.

20. Twitter is a good place. Twitter is also a bad place. Make sure you spend some time in the real world as well as the internet world.

21. Too much time can be spent inside binge watching Netflix. Yes, Netflix is good but so is the outside and the sunshine and the nature and all that jazz.

22. You do you – just because you are the same age as someone else doesn’t mean that you’ve got to be doing everything else that everyone else is doing. Just because someone you went to school with bought a house last week doesn’t mean that your doing bad, you are just plodding along through life at your speed! Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you and just do you!


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