Why I’m Scrapping “The Sunday Post”

Why I’m Scrapping “The Sunday Post”

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot more posts recently. I’ve suddenly got a lot more time on my hands, surprise, surprise (Find out why here). There’s a lot of blogs going around about how blogging has changed in the last few years. With the number of bigger influencers increasing and the expectations of bloggers due to this. I’ve noticed a difference in a number of blogs I read, and I’m sure many other people have too. I know I’ve changed the style of the stuff I post because of it!

When I started blogging back in 2015, there was a lot less, pressure. I don’t know if that’s the right word but we’ll stick with it for now. People would bash out a blog post in 20 minutes from something they just saw on Television, they’d take a grainy picture on their phones and stick it, not worrying about the alignment, the flow of the post, or whether the post fit within the requirements for good SEO engagement. It was more about sharing what you’d been doing during the week, what you thought of your new lipstick. You didn’t need to share it on social media at the correct time of the day which you discovered via your analytics, you’d share it like 5 times a day with many many hashtags and @’s to those RT accounts.


Blogging used to be a lot more carefree

Blogging used to be a lot more carefree. It was somewhere you shared all the thoughts going around your head, it was a diary that people you’d never met on the internet could read, and interactive with and it helped you consider what you’ve written and understand it all. Now you’ve got to research what you say, so that you don’t annoy a certain person because of how you’ve worded something.

There’s a lot more to blogging now than just sitting down and writing whats in your head. You’ve got your social media accounts to updated! Some of them your addicted to some and some of them you getting annoyed by because of blasted algorithms. However; you’ll still be scrolling through and posting despite all of that. Seeing all the notifications from your followers, RT’s and all that jazz, even the comments from those darn spam bots.

There’s a lot posts about how the numbers don’t matter in blogging. For me, it’s hard not to focus on the numbers. Checking your followers, your DA, because that’s how you see improvement. Blogging isn’t about that though is it?! It’s about the enjoyment you get from it, it’s the friends you make via the blogosphere, it’s the opportunities you get! The only problem? The numbers will always be there no matter what!

Massive tangent there! So, Sunday Post.

Whereas for some people it’s time to start writing about the little things again, for me writing a Sunday Post gives me pressure. There’s that word again! Pressure! Pressure to do something that is worth writing about. More so now that i’m spending a lot of my time lounging around applying for jobs. Pressure to do the little things that I used to speak about within the Sunday Post, like going for a nice country walk or watching a new film and letting you know what I thought about it. The Sunday Post is like a detailed version of tweets, (follow me, ta) I can write about in a paragraph instead of using like 5 tweets to tell you what I did. ┬áThere was a time I loved writing the Sunday Post, I’d write it like a diary and add to it every night after what I’d done.

For me; it’s a vicious circle! You blog because it’s something you enjoy but you’ve got to do stuff to blog about. You’ve got to keep it ‘interesting’ for your readers. The thing is blogging, it’s a hobby. Some people are lucky enough to do it as there job but there are still plenty of people blogging in their spare time! So you’ve got to work. However; you can’t always do stuff that’s interesting because you’ve been at work so your tired. Or in my case you’re applying for jobs so you’ve not got the money to do interesting stuff, or particularly the time to do it because your busy.

It’s hard.

I think what I’m trying to say is. Whilst I’m loving blogging and wanting to do it so much more. I’m finding it hard to justify writing that post that I would normally have been happy to post. It’s hard not to compare what your posting to other people. Compare your statistics with someone who has been posting just as long as you. Hard to decide whether that post you’ve been working on is, actually going to make sense to anyone else or if it’s just you. Whether that list you’ve written is something everyone can relate too or if again it’s just you.

I think I just need to fall in love with blogging again!

Let me know what you think and if any of this actually makes sense to any of you!?!

All opinions are my own!

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