Autumn Loves and My Goals

I thought I would ease myself back in to blogging a nice simple post of this I want to do this autumn. Autumn is all cosy jumpers, hot drinks, candles, fallen leaves and everything possible that is orange, in anyway shape or form to be included in pictures. It is certainly my favourite time of the year and I want to enjoy single minute of it. Autumn also seems to be a great month in terms of TV shows returning.

This Seasons Goals:

  1. Go to a bonfire and see ALL the fireworks!
  2. Drink all the hot drinks!
  3. Go for windswept walks.
  4. Go to Hull Fair (always).
  5. Wear all of the cosy jumpers!
  6. Try and get a theme going on my Instagram (make sure your following me, plz and ta) because it’s apparently easier during Autumn compared to any other season, or it seems like it anyway.
  7. Watching all the returning TV series’: Our Girl, Peaky Blinders and the newest series of The Crown.
  8. Continue wishing for all of the cakes on Bake Off.
  9. Hopefully play some rugby – I’m trying to get round to getting back into rugby and hopefully it’ll happen because Autumn is certainly the best season to be playing it in compared to Winter! All the mud, but not completely freezing!
  10. Carve some pumpkins. I know for a fact I’m completely horrendous at doing this but I still loving doing it anyway! The funny faces, the scary faces and the absolutely horrendous thing I end up with.

Autumn walks wrapped up cosy and warm, with John stone skimming are certainly my favourite!

Autumn Loves:

  1. The end of hayfever – I’ve not been that bad this year but I it’s certainly better when the pollen is low again.
  2. All the scents that are associated with the next 2 seasons. I think I certainly have more to include here: obviously you get the gingerbread, the berry, the sweet vanilla. When I smell burgers cooking and candyfloss it instantly makes me think of Hull Fair that is in Autumn!
  3. The colours – burgundy, oranges and browns.
  4. The celebrations, if we now include Winter and Autumn together there is plenty to choose from: Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, Thanksgiving for those Americans and then obviously New Year as well.

There we have it! The reasons I’m happy Autumn is here, and what I’m planning on doing and looking forward to doing during it!

What do you love about this season?

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