November Playlist 2017

November Playlist 2017

It has been a fair few months since I’ve shared a playlist with you but I’ve recently had lot more time on my hands. I’ve made more chance to be able to listen to music and podcasts (post coming soon, so watch this space). There seems to be a lot of new fantastic music floating around at the minute. I thought I’d give you an update before it was time for the Christmas albums to make a return. Yes I’ve already had a brief listen to some, but the time for them to being playing constantly is coming. I regret nothing.

Here is the full playlist, but make sure you go read my shoutouts to some of the songs.

The 1975 – Milk

Now we all know how much I love The 1975, and how much of vital role they played in John and I getting together, that it’s no surprise something of theres is on my playlist. I’m disappointed in myself to say, however, that this song first managed to slip through my radar unnoticed. I have however rectified that by playing religiously at least once a day. I think it’s one of their calmer songs, to begin with at least but its such a steady beat throughout the song that I find myself tapping away instantly.

Eliza and The Bear – Hell

If you want a catchy as (pun intended) Hell song, this is certainly the one for you. The beginning reminds me of a few other songs by other artists but this is certainly one of the more, pop-y style songs that I’ve been listening too. With a chorus as simple as this, theres no surprise that I was singing along by the end of the first run through. The beat is again so strong that when I’m walking I certainly find myself “marching” on beat.

Saint Raymond – Last Time

We finally have new music from one of my favourites Callum, who is also known as Saint Raymond. I’m not sure how many of playlists I’ve featured him on but his music is like my jam! He’s realised a fair bit of new music recently but I feel like Last Time has hints of his previous music in it, and gives me flashbacks to my favourite, Bonfires, so this is certainly a hit with me!


Landon Austin – I Like Me Better

I was first introduced to Landon Austin when a Youtuber used his music in their wedding video and since then he’s provided me with soothing, calm music and this is no different from what i’ve come to expect from him.

Jack Conman – Greatly Hasty

Random fact for you, I was at the same college at the same time as Jack.¬†We were introduced to his music during Sports Pres. I think I’ve had the bug for his music ever since. The intro wins me over instantly. The tapping or drumming and I’m like yes! I also love the fact it’s a mix between singing and spoken word which I also seem to regularly enjoy…

Hudson Taylor – Feel It Again (Acoustic)

Along with other artists I’ve already mentioned, Hudson Taylor have certainly been mentioned on my playlists before. They’ve certainly nailed it for me with this song. Taking back Acoustic makes it even better. I love the folky style that i’m getting as I’m listening to this and if you listen to the words its a pretty upbeat tune and song when you realise what the lyrics are. I think it works fantastically though, so another fantastic one from the boys.

I’ve also include some new artists on here that I’ve found and I’m pretty impressed with.

Awake or Sleeping – Interstellar Hearts;¬†theres something about this song thats got me hooked and it’s constantly in my head!

New Hope Club РFixed; another song that I seemed to have going round and round in my head.

Dan Croll – Tokyo; having not listened to Dan Croll for a while so I was pleasantly reminded when I came across this and the electronic tone.

Certain songs, Before Anyone Knew Our Name – Stereophonics, Arms Open – The Script and There She Is – Frank Turner needed no explanation based on artists. (Can I get a hell yeah?!)


Let me know what you’ve been listening to recently. I’m always on the look out for new music!


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