2017 Year Round Up

2017 Year Round Up

2017 has been a big year! A huge year and so much has happened and changed. July I posted a little bit of a life update and told you the most up to date stuff at the time but in the last 5 months a lot of stuff has changed again so I thought I would give a big round up of the whole year.


What a year it has been. Finishing university with a 2:2 after all of the long nights and stressful days. John and I both graduated this year. It was so nice to have two little celebrations for all he hard work we’d both put in.


I got a job. I applied for something that I felt like I was would be good at. It was what I’d been to Uni to do and despite not meeting some of the criteria, I got the job. Everyone always says do a job that you enjoy and it won’t feel like your working at all. I enjoy my job but it still feels like work, hoping for more of a regular schedule to help with that. Anyway, I am a sports coach for a local company that leads PE lessons, lunchtime clubs and after school clubs in a range of activities. In loads of local primary schools. It’s something I never really thought about going into before but it certainly feels like the right fit at the moment.

I also had an interview for a job that I’ve previously interviewed for. The interview went pretty well and I got the job.  I feel like I’m a proper adult. It’ll be a case of getting used to working more hours, weekends and things like that but it’ll help me become stable financial and starting doing a few more things in the new year with it.


I am still in Hull. I don’t really know what to say about this. I’m happy to be home and I love getting to see all my family again so regularly. I’m getting to see younger members of family, and friends again and I love it, I get to see how they are changing and growing up. It’s amazing to see them do something they weren’t able to do a few months ago. We moved from the house that we lived in for 12 years and it’s taking a long time to settle properly but I think having Christmas there has helped. If you follow my instagram, you’ll have been seeing a few interior pictures of my room. It’s something I’ve certainly enjoyed sharing with you, so I’d love to do a bit more interior stuff on my blog next year.


I’ve been stuck in a blogging rut. Recently I’ve got out of a little bit more going back to the basic of my blog with music posts, what I’ve been watching posts and simple posts like that. They’re the type of posts I enjoy writing and they seem to get a pretty good reception when I post. So I’ve slowly been digging myself out of this rut but I’m hoping to do it more so in the new year too. I’ve been trying to come up with some post ideas for next year and I’ve been keeping a list so heres hoping for an increasing in the blog posts next year!


This year has been a strange year in terms of me. I’ve lost a fair bit of weight, not necessarily in the most healthy of ways, when I’ve been ill and stuff but I was also using the gym a fair bit at the start of the year. Again next year I’m hoping to continue this, I’ve signed up to a new gym.

I’ve been considering doing a 12 week plan. See how well I can kick off my new year so I might do an update on that. Chance for me to look back and keep a record. I’ve finally joined this fitness tracker hype and got one for Christmas. I’d love to be be able kill with the steps and gym. So fingers crossed for a good ‘step’ up in life.

Other areas

I’ve done a lot of travelling around the UK this year with different things. From weddings, hen nights, visiting people and helping in a national event. It’s certainly made me evaluate whether travelling is something I want to do more of despite the stress and the tiredness it causes me. It’s certainly something I can look into further in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for posts about travel in the new year!

My travelling around the UK hasn’t included me travelling backwards and forwards between the West Midlands. I know that other people do longer distance than John and I are doing and have been together longer. Having basically lived together for 3 years to then move away and travel back because of circumstances. Yet here are still going strong and carrying on.

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Tell me down in the comments something that has changed for you over the last year!


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