2018 Resolutions

I’m a bit late to the party making a post about my Resolutions for 2018, because after last years quite big failure I have been thinking about what I actually want to achieve this year. I always find it hard when it comes to Resolutions and planning for success of them. Anyone else?!

Whilst 2017 was the year that a lot of big things ended for me, check out this post if you want more about that, I’m hoping 2018 is the year I start with ‘Healthy Habits’. I’ve lost count of how times and people I’ve heard healthy habits be said, and spoken about but I feel like the ripe old age of 22 is the time for me to develop some.

Learn to Drive:

This is still on my to do list, resolution list and it slowly becoming more and of a necessity for work and my lifestyle so this is certainly one of my main ones, if not THE main one. If it ended up that this was the only one I was successful on all year, I don’t think I would be devastated. Which brings me nicely onto the next one.

Save Money:

Having started my new job, it’s all very new at the minute, I obviously have extra income. I’d like to think that I’m going to be able to become a better human being, and actually start to save some money. Learning to drive is all well and good until it gets to the point where (fingers crossed), I’ve passed and I’m stuck in the same situation because I’ve not got a car. I know that insurance is always the problem when it comes to it, so again that’s something to save up for. Writing this, I realise that I’d much rather go back to being a student instead of having to adult!

Healthy Eating:

9 days into 2018, I’d like to think that I’m already doing this one better. I’m tracking my calories a lot better using My Fitness Pal and trying to stay well below my suggested calories. However; I’ve been looking at doing some of these ’21 day fix’ or meal planning better because I know from previous tries. I’ll get bored of tracking my calories. If anyone can recommend a diet, or a cook book that you think I’ll be interested in pop it down in the comments for me or DM on my social media (shameless self-plug).


I have already registered from a gym, which I am just waiting for open. I’m excited because it’s a Pure Gym and they’re going to a lot of interesting equipment compared to the gyms I’ve recently been too. It’s also well positioned between my two jobs. I’m hoping that with it being a good distance, 24 hour and a new gym. I’m gonna kick it’s ass and do well…fingers crossed!


Me Time:

I’ve certainly started doing better so far this year. Having read a book this year already, downtime is happening. I’ve been using me time and downtime to listening to audiobooks, reading books, colouring and writing. These are all things that I find quite relaxing and enjoy.


It’s 9 days into the year and I’ve already had a lot to do. If this is going to be a sign for the rest of the year I need to be organised. I’ve got a brand new beautiful bullet journal (notebooks are beautiful and I don’t care what you say) and plenty of notebooks along with another little diary in case I need it. For me a bullet journalling is perfect because you can tailor it to whatever you need which! Keep your eyes peeled for a bullet journal update post coming soon!

Make my Bed:

Another think that I feel will make me incredibly adult. Making my bed every morning. I feel like it makes me getting up final and I can’t get back into bed and nap (I did make it and then nap today but it required making twice, oh the effort). It was always something.


Whether it’s a little update post, whether it’s a massive post about something I’ve done. I want to really find my voice again through my blog. I lost it towards the end of the month and blogging is something I really enjoy doing so I want to get back to it and work my little fingers to the bone by typing.


Whether it’s the UK or Europe or where, I just want to travel and explore some new places. Whilst I did a fair bit of travelling in 2017 (read it here). A lot of it was road, pubs for food and then rooms where I helped lead an activity. I’d like to see a lot more of places that I go.

Have you got any resolutions, or post about resolutions? Leave them in the comments for me.



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