2018 in Films and TV Series

2018 in Films and TV Series

Happy New Year, I’m certainly aiming for more blogs this year. With the new year comes new films, tv shows and exciting chance for things like video games and concerts and the such. I thought I would give you a breakdown of the movies and television shows that I’m excited for in 2018. So of them need no explanation, others you might think I’m mental for wanting to see. I’ll tell you now. I have a very strange range when it comes to seeing films and television shows so prepare for the possibility of anything.


These are in no particular order and just whatever came up when I was checking what was coming out this year!

Infinity War:

I honestly think this film needs no explanation. If you know, you know. Chucking in that cheesy phrase there! Having watched all of the other Marvel films that are leading up to this film. Of course it is in this list. People are saying that this film is going to alter everything we know about the MCU. I like to think I’m a little bit of MCU nerd and I love it all. Every single film has been building up to this and I think a massive riff is going to happen and I hate to think how many of my favourite characters are going to get killed off. I admit that I’ve watched the trailer 6 or 7 times because there are so many questions about it all and I just don’t want to miss anything.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!:

I rewatch the original Mamma Mia! so often that of course I’m excited for this film. I’m devastated that they’ve killed Donna off, from what I can gather from the trailer. Sophie is pregnant and she is basically reliving her mothers story. From what I’ve gathered it’s them showing us aspects of both Sophie’s life being pregnant and Donna’s story of both getting pregnant and being pregnant. Whilst I’m sad that Meryl Streep isn’t necessarily going to be heavily featured throughout the film. I’m happy to see that Bill, Harry and Sam are all still present throughout.

Black Panther:

Another MCU film. This film has the possibility of answering so many questions we have before Infinity is finally released. Will we find out that the final infinity stone is actually in Wakanda powering the Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman is such a fantastic actor and I think he’ll be amazing in his solo flick.

Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald:

OF COURSE this film is on the list. I am so excited about the fact that Jude Law will be playing Dumbledore and so excited to see how the story continues within this film and then onwards into the series. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them because I bloody love it. Newt Scamander has got to be my favourite Hufflepuff of all time and I love all the different beasts. It’s hard to decide whether the Dougal the Demiguise or if the Niffler is my favourite beast they’re both so cute. I don’t think I can decide.

Wreck it Ralph 2:

Both this is the next film are two that I fill be pushing children out of the way to watch. I enjoyed Wreck It Ralph so much. It was great message behind the film and I think so many people are surprised with how well it is portrayed.

Incredibles 2:

As I said on the previous movie, I will of course be watching this at the cinema and I don’t care if I’m surrounded by all the little children in the world. With the main aspects of this movie still being unknown, it is incredibly (lol) exciting.

Oceans 8:

I did not realise this film was being released but I’m a massive fan of the Oceans films and when I saw it was full of some of my favourite actors, I knew it would be a must see. With Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock and Helen Botham-Carter it gives me even more need to watch it.

X-Men Dark Phoenix:

Despite what everyone says about the current X-Men films being rubbish or not true towards the comics, I think they’re actually really good. Whilst Apocalypse might not have been my favourite, I enjoyed the character development of the Jean and Scott. With Jean producing the Phoenix at the end of it, it was clear that’s where the story was going to go next. I’m also excited to see if there is an introduction or follow up to Wolverine/Logan being in the film series anytime soon, so that is also exciting, to me anyway.


TV Shows:

Whilst most of these are new series’ in previous ones and many of them are Netflix series. I just can’t help the need to watch every episode, especially it’s as good as some of these.

Grace and Frankie:

I’ve watched this series twice. Once myself, once with mum. I’ve obviously finished it and I feel like it gets better with each series. I love that they’ve chosen such great actors for the characters and I’m excited to see how the series continues after the previous one.

Luke Cage:

Whilst the date has been released for this series yet after the last series John and I are awaiting it like small children at Christmas. It’ll be interesting to see how the character and story are both developed. I am however worried that I’m going to need to have watched Defenders because I haven’t, finger crossed from understanding it.

A Series of Unfortunate Events:

This might be surprising to some people but I certainly feel the need to give it another chance. I loved the book series when I was younger and that’s why I feel the need to keep going with it. If I feel that this series flops however, that’ll be it for me and ASOUE, which will be make me quite sad.

13 Reasons Why:

This NEEDS to hurry up. I have so many different theories for this series and what’s going to happen. Who is doing what and all things such as that (You can read it here). I’ve not really heard any information regarding dates as of yet, so I’m quite excited waiting for it.

Doctor Who:

For me, the Christmas day episode was a little bit disappointing and for me it should have ended at the football bit (if you know, you know) and then moved onto the next bit. I’m excited for the new doctor, new companions and new adventures.


There we have it, that is what I’m looking forward to this year. Let me know what your going to watch this year and if I need to add anything to this list!



  1. January 8, 2018 / 5:22 pm

    Omg you’ve given me some ideas of what to watch this year (I forgot/didn’t know some of them movies would be out)
    And on TV shows I can’t wait for A Series of Unfortunate Events! I really liked it,but I guess some people wouldn’t.
    Good post x

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