The Greatest Showman Review

The Greatest Showman Review

Lets start with the basics. The Greatest Showman, is my type of film. It ticks all of my boxes: a fantastic cast, amazing songs and a brilliant storyline. I’ll admit. I’d fallen in love with the film before it was even released. I listened to the sound track, watched all of the different trailers multiple times. I’d found video clips from trying to get the film green lit (I think that’s right?!). I couldn’t get enough.

I also watched Tom Fletchers video on Youtube about travelling to New York for 24 hours for the world premier and in the moment when he described the back story to it all, I know I’d love it even more. Everywhere I look, there are people listening to the sound track and loving it. It’s the type of film that once it’s released it will be my go to film, I just know it. I’ll try and give you a spoiler free review but I’m sorry if it doesn’t quite work out that way.



I’ve pretty much given you my review of the film before even starting the proper ‘review section’.


Of course I’ve got to start with the songs when discussing this film. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to the soundtrack. I know many people had things to say about Hugh Jackman and his singing after the release of Les Mis. I feel like his voice was better suited to these songs. There’s a lot of spoken word added into every song which I think he’s good at. Compared to films such as Mamma Mia, which I completely love it, the songs certainly add to the story rather than just kind of being thrown in.

I know for a fact I’m not the only person that’s got this album on repeat. Every time I go through stories on Instagram (give me a follow??) at least 5 different people are listening to it.


Before going to see the film I had no idea about the story of Barnum or the circus. I’ve never seen Barnum the film so I was completely intrigued. I think it was written amazingly and as I said above the songs are amazing! Despite watching all of the trailers, and listening to the songs. I couldn’t quite make the story out. Not wanting to spoil it for myself I didn’t particularly search for what happened in the film. I just tried to guess stuff from the trailers, badly I might add. For me, the story flowed throughout the film fantastically. I’m the type of person that likes to try and guess what’s going to happen when key things happen. I definitely prefer when I’m wrong because it means it’s not a completely predictable movie.


From the start of the film, it was clear that the actors had such a strong connection with their characters. Not to mention the connections with the other actors. Zac Efron and Zendaya worked amazingly together and I think their story was one of my favourite throughout the film. Anne and Phillip were such amazing characters and the background we got about them just gave us so much. I love Hugh Jackman so much, and thought he worked early well with Michelle Williams that was good as always.

Keala Settle was by far my favourite character. I think that’s because she sings ‘This is Me’ which is phenomenal in my opinion. There’s something about the song that is so touching and I’m sure there are so many people relating to it.

I don’t think I can say anymore other than I want to go back and watch it about 50 million times and buy it so I can watch it all the time.

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