Travel Wishlist

Travel Wishlist

With the new year starting, I know a lot of people are doing countdowns to their holidays and I’m wishing for a holiday. I thought I would make a list wish-list, and travel bucket-list. This is probably a very unrealistic list but win the lottery and travel is something I’d love to. I did however forget to buy a lottery ticket. I guess it’ll still be a wish-list.

Backpacking in Thailand:

I’ve watched so many different travel vlogs and read blogs of trips to Thailand. I’ve seen so many pictures, from friends that have been and I just want to go. I’m so interested in the culture of so many things; the temples, the food and the markets. There are so many different parts of Thailand I want visit too. Bangkok, Ko Samui, Chiang Mia, Phi Phi Island and Ko Phangag. If you want to get any inspiration for travelling, loads of places, but perfect for Thailand check out KingingIt on Youtube. Aimee and Craig’s travel vlogs are perfect and they do so many different things that you might not have seen being done before in Thailand. 


Staying in an igloo, under the Northern Lights. It would be such an amazing experience. Seeing something so beautiful and natural in the world. I think it would be amazing to stay in one of the underground igloo things under the Northern Lights. Obviously in Iceland I don’t think I’d be able to resist the blue lagoon. I think my only problem would be the cold. I’m not that good at handling the cold, but I think it would be worth it all. So many people have started to travel to Iceland, and it looks amazing.

Inter-railing through Europe:

I’ve not been to many different places in Europe, or capital cities so I think inter-railing would be perfect for me. I’ve looked at different routes and decided I’d probably go Western Europe. Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Milan and Marseilles. Whilst obviously it’s not that many different countries I think some of the places I’ve listed would be amazing to go to.

Beach Holiday in Cancun:

What I would give, would be counting down the days to leaving to go and lay around a pool or on the beach in the sun. Cancun is so beautiful and again it’s a place that so many different people have been and I’ve seen pictures. Xcaret Park, is one thing I would bloody love to do. It’s like the perfect thing for me and John. Somewhere hot but something exciting and adventurous for us to do. We’ve only been on holiday together once, abroad so I think somewhere further away which is nice and hot would be nice.

Explore Ireland:

I’ve only ever been Ireland once. It was back when I was at school for a history trip for our research for our big old essay thing. We got to have a little bit of free time, and I’d love to be able to go back and just explore a bit more. It just seems like a really pretty place.

Have you got any places that I need to add to my list? Let me know down in the comments.


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