April Playlist

Whilst it might be closer to then end of April than it is the start, I thought I would share with you anyway because this playlist, and these songs are so good. I’ve been listening to them on repeat especially the last few days, whilst the weather has been amazing!

Top Songs

George Ezra – Paradise.

TUNE! It’s honestly fantastic. It’s so catchy and his voice is so smooth. I’m gutted that I couldn’t get tickets for his tour when he comes to Hull because, oh can you imagine!


Dear Evan Hansen – Only Us.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve listened to this album and for me this song stands out a million miles because it’s so true and right!

Dodie – Absolutely Smitten.

I absolutely love this song. I used to rewatch the video so much when Dodie realised it on Youtube, but then I think she managed to release an even better version on her album.

Maisie Peters – Place We Were Made.

Somehow John and I literally stumbled across this song through the playlist after another artist and even while she’s only got a few songs they’re wonderful. Her voice is so soft and gentle, but not when it needs to be amazing!

There we have it, my top for songs from my April Playlist. I’ve also been listening to the Uncool Club Mixtape since it’s release yesterday because what a variety of songs – so big shoutout to Rhianna over at RhiannaOlivia.com for curating such a great playlist, it da boom!


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