March Favourites

March has been a funny old month. It was quite long but it still seemed to fly by meaning we are now a third of the way through 2018 already! I’ve been a bit AWOL recently because I’ve been trying to keep my head above the water and I finally decided it was time to get the old fingers typing and what better way to do that than with a favourites post. I like writing these little favourites post because I can look back on the stuff and see how long I’ve been doing things and liking it. It’s the same as doing my playlists, when I realise how long I’ve actually been listening to some of the artists.

Letter Board:

I became one of those bloggers who had to follow the trend and get a letter board. It has however been beneficial and I’ve used it for work purposes as well so it’s not just for personal gain, honest!

Rubix Cube:

I became that person that was easily swayed, and I bought a Rubix cube. At one point I’d spent more evenings doing the Rubix cube rather than anything else and I can solve more than 50% of it and I’m so proud! I spend at least 10 minutes a day doing the Rubix cube and I think I’ve found a new stress relief.

Body Spray:

I decided to switch up my body spray a few months ago and I couldn’t be happier with what I chose. Ted Baker Blush Pink, smells amazing. When I first smelt it, the first thing that came to mind was Parma-violets! I genuinely feel so refreshed when I spray it and well yeah it’s fab!

Phone case:

I recently upgraded to an Iphone 8+ (it’s amazing) so of course I was in need of a (few) phone cases. I stumbled across Notebook Therapy over on Instagram and I absolutely loved this phone case. They’ve got so many different ones and it’s so hard not to add them all to my basket. So make sure you go over and have a little look at all the stuff they’ve got.


I’ll admit, I am one of those people that are becoming slowly addicted to Fortnite. I got it on the Xbox when I was last in the Midlands, but I also have it on my phone. This is another way I’m now losing time on an evening when I’ve got another 3 million things I need to do. I’ve still not managed to win a game yet, but I’ve come 2nd which I think it’s pretty decent for someone who is a bit rubbish at video games, and having to play tactically! I’m determined to try and get better and think about how I’m playing. The one main problem – remembering that people can creep up behind you, I must have died about 50 times that way.


This is board games in general, not just UNO. John and I have been playing so many different board games but UNO will always have a special place in our heart because of how long we spent playing it on our holiday nearly 2 years ago. We’ve not spent that much time together because of us both being so busy recently, but when we are together board games is certainly something we’ve been doing a lot. Who doesn’t love a good board game?

There we have it, my march favourites. I’ve got lots of posts in the pipeline (I’ve actually already written them, check me out) so make sure you keep your eye out for those coming soon.


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