About Me


ALice, 21, Hull and West Midlands, Physical Education Student

Started this blog in January 2013 after reading loads of blogs for a while before, kind of started this as a procrastination space but then started to love doing for both myself and people that read it. Since January 2013 after many Tweets and Facebook posts sharing my new posts I think my followers and friends are completely used to it now, after the changing from Female Guitarist to Adventures of An Arrow we are now here…

I’m using this blog to share my experiences, favourite recipes and thoughts along with using it find myself. I suppose it could be seen as a public diary for everything and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing.


Born 1995 in Hull, England. I’m a lover of Sport | Food | Films | Books | Comedy. Despite being from Hull I now live in Walsall, England. Right down there in the Midlands, currently studying away at Uni to get where I want to be and sharing that with you right here. If you can’t find me on the Rugby pitch in my Handsworth kit, or typing away for this, I’ll either be reading a book or baking a cake. Or may even by shopping, lets hope it’s not the latter because that will never end.


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Live Life, Love Life and Laugh Through It.